May-December 2017

Q: I'm really happy about the decision to make the produce all organic! Would like to have the store also be all natural. Thanks.

J. S.

A: Organic produce is one way to support sustainable food systems, and we are so glad you’re happy! Officially, our Produce Department is both organic and conventional. We just happen to carry very little conventional product in that department, partly because we are in such close proximity to so many wonderful growers of organics. During the winter months, you will see more conventional items. Our Owners appreciate being able to purchase strawberries, even when they are not locally available (and therefore more likely to be conventional). Please email our Board of Directors and share your thoughts about the store’s product mix. One amazing thing about being a Co-op Owner is that you can, actually, shape our buying guidelines! That process starts with a conversation with your Directors.


Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Dear Co-op, Please could you tell me why the Co-op will not be carrying Bulk Maple Syrup? I was just informed of this and I'm disappointed. I'm a member since about 1989 and I will miss the bulk syrup. It's the most economical way to purchase this delicious syrup. Is there a possibility you can get this back in our store? (You are the only store in Davis who has this.) Thank you!

C. M.

A: We still carry Maple Syrup in our Bulk Department! Alas, our supplier discontinued the Grade B that you loved so well. However, Mike Haggerty, our Bulk Buyer who spoke with you on the phone, has identified a robust substitute. Although it is Grade A, we hope you’ll try it out. All grades of maple syrup are produced using the same process. Grade A is simply the first drawn from the boiling trough. Generally, Grade A syrup is lighter in color and more delicate in flavor. Maple syrup that spends more time in the boiling stage (and is removed from heat for clarification later in the day) develops a more amber color and, in many cases, a deeper flavor. We hope you enjoy our new syrup option in Bulk.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager (and New Hampshire native)

Q: It's really hard to write on the tape in the bulk section. Different tape or different pens?

R. B.

A: Hi there! This is Mike Haggerty, the Buyer for the Bulk Department. This is not the first time we’ve heard that our tape is hard to write on with the pens we provide. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and am looking into better pens and, maybe, tape as well. I believe it’s the combination of cheap pens and the type of tape that is frustrating our Bulk shoppers. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! I appreciate the feedback. Thank you!

Mike Haggerty, Bulk Buyer

Q: Please carry seeded watermelon… it is hard to find watermelon with seeds these days! Seedless watermelon feels unnatural.

K. Y.

A: Thank you so much for contacting us about your concern. There does seem to be a lot of seedless watermelon in the market right now. Fortunately, we have ordered an organic seeded watermelon bin set to arrive tomorrow Thursday 7/20. Also, we are looking forward to a bin of local mini seeded watermelons grown right here in Davis, arriving in store next week. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have a question or request. We hope you enjoy the rest of the watermelon season here at the Coop!

Meghan Kelly, Acting Produce Manager

Q: Expand breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet to include other items. Thank you! Oh, yes, also, blended drinks would be great and I bet profitable.

A: Thank you for your suggestion in us expanding our Buffet selections. As you may know the Deli is under new management and we are making strides in improving the quality, consistency, and variety in all of out food options. As we speak, we are in the process of developing a full Saturday and Sunday Brunch based around our Hot Bar. In addition, we are also moving towards a very seasonal and locally sourced hot bar. Thank you for you support and please stay tune as we continue to grow and bring new ideas to the Deli.

Bryan Hankins, Deli Manager

Q: Please provide an organics/compost bin for when I eat your yummy soups and hot food

D. V.

A: Thanks for taking the time to write us. We are currently looking into adding a compost bin outside for customer use. Please look for it in the near future.

I’talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: Destroy out of tune piano. Or tune it.

D. V. O.

A: Thank you so much for submitting a suggestion. The piano on our patio is apart of “In the Key of Davis.” It is a public arts program run by the City of Davis, featuring several brightly painted and fully functional pianos in downtown locations in Davis, CA. The program started in summer 2015, with one piano located at Central Park, outside the Hunt Boyer Mansion, and at the Davis train depot. We currently have one on our patio, and it will be there until the end of summer. Because it's technically not our piano, we will not be destroying it. However, I will see if I can get someone from the city to look at it. Thanks again for your suggestion. [UPDATE: the City graciously sent Mark Stivers to tune the piano the day after we made the request. Many thanks to Mark, Rachel Hartsough, and our pitch-sensitive Owners!]

I’talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: Hello, We love & appreciate the co-op and all the staff. We shop here every Sunday & everyone is always very kind to our family. This store is obviously unique for Davis because of the great products it sells. One of the unfortunate trait about the co-op is that when an item runs out, it is out for days and sometimes weeks. Now the claim has been that it is a distributor issue. This actually is not true most of the time b/c since its been a repeated issue, I have contacted some of the distributors. There have not been ordered placed in a timely manner & then when an order goes, it's not enough for how much the co-op is selling it. This has come up for the organic bulk oats, organic bulk unsweatened(sic) coconut, Califia farms Almond milk, Steakhouse gluten free wheat bread, Nancy's plain whole milk yogurt, honey, essential oils, etc. It seems like its a stock clerk issue. And it's a drag for us to have to go to another store just to complete our list... with kids.

D. F.

A: We apologize for the out-of-stocks you have faced when you shop at our store. We are always identifying ways in which we can ensure that we are fully stocked of all items. We do have a major that we work with, who works with majority of our vendors, that’s why at times the vendor might still have the product but if the distributor does not have it we are unable to carry it on our shelf. There are always ways in which we provide feedback and this is another example of when we can take it back to our suppliers. Thank you again for your feedback and for always supporting the Co-op.

Prasanna Regmi, General Manager

Q: I am writing you because I have now put in three requests for the Co-op to carry Organic Valley lactose free half and half. Each time I left my contact information with a Co-op worker, but never heard back. So the last time I was in the store, I asked to speak with a manager. One of the checkout workers tried to locate you but you were in a meeting. He gave me your business cards and so I am now following up. I want to commend the Co-op for stocking other lactose free dairy items- I have recently purchased lactose free sour cream and cream cheese. But it is the half and half that I use daily and that I would like to see you stock. It is very unusual for the Coop not to respond to requests from its members, so I was quite disappointed by my recent experiences. The fact that the Co-op carries other lactose-free items leads me to believe that this might well be an item that would be popular with members. At any rate, I am hoping you will be able to provide me with some clarity on this issue.

A: My apologies on the late response. I will look into bringing in this product. You are correct, we do carry many other lactose free product varieties, but no half and half. It would be a great addition to our Dairy set. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Please let me know how I can assist you further!

Shavonya Moore, Chill Coordinator

Q: Hi! I'd like to contact Shavonya Moore but I don't see her email on your website. I'm hoping to place a special order of a frozen food item. Thank you!

A. B.

A: I would love take down your order. What would you like to Special Order? I can place an order [most week days] before 11am. Thank you!

Shavonya Moore, Chill Coordinator

Q: Please re-paint parking space lines- I have trouble seeing them.

M. N.

A: Your wish is our command! Our parking lot was resurfaced and repainted on August 8 and August 9. We hope you love the results as much as we do.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Status of electric car charging stations?

B. B.

A: We are in the process of identifying ways in which we can be more sustainable business in our community. Our goal is to eventually have charging stations and is being planned out in the next couple of years. We truly appreciate your feedback and your patronage of the Co-op.

Prasanna Regmi, General Manager

Q: I purchased "Body Lotion Unscented" because it was marked on the shelf as $7.00 off, but the receipt only showed that I received a $2.00 discount. This was the second time I made a decision to purchase based on a discount marked on the shelf, and received a lesser discount at the register. For me, I can consider these discrepancies a donation to the Coop, but I am concerned for members who need to count pennies and count on every discount promised on the shelves. The first error was because the shelf label was not as specific as the discount taken at the register (shelf described only the general product name, but register only allowed for certain scents/flavors, not listed on the shelf). The second time, on April 17, I selected the exact item listed with a $7.00 discount on the shelf, but didn't get that $7.00 discount. What steps can be taken to ensure all members that they will not be overcharged for items? What changes can be made to ensure that register discounts and shelf discounts match exactly, to clearly inform members purchases? Thanks in advance for your reply and for your careful attention to this.

B. M.

A: I do apologize for this very late response! My name is Vince Ortiz and I am currently working in the Scan/POS department of the store. As a coordinator working alongside a couple of other staff it is primarily our responsibility to make sure that the information on the signs is accurate and detailed enough to be informative to the customer. I truly apologize for the lack of proper signage at the shelf level for the items that you purchased. One of the things we are currently undertaking is a system-wide cleanup process, that should hopefully help us get more accurate signage up more often. Sometimes we have to go back and reprint signage that may have slipped through the cracks however, and that can prove to be a challenge with the current timeframes we have available. We certainly will step up our efforts when prepping our signs in the future and will do our best to more frequently audit what gets out to the floor. That includes double checking signage across varieties and brands.

Again I do apologize for the inconvenience and hope that your experience at the Davis Food Co-op has improved since. If not please don't be afraid to let us know where we can do better! We appreciate the great questions you've brought up and I hope this response has given you some insights into how we are addressing these issues.

Thanks again,

Vincent Ortiz, Scan Coordinator

Q: I am so frustrated with the lack of training on WIC checks! That will be the last time I use one at the Co-Op; it's such a humiliating experience. Every time I use them, the cashier (different ones each time) doesn't know what they're doing, has to call a manager, and sometimes the manager doesn't know what he's or she's doing (the floor manager on duty on 6/24 wrote in $10.98 on a $8-max check, even after I explained to him that it could only be for up to $8, and then he had do re-do everything). Please -- if you're going to accept them, train your cashiers on how to process them. Otherwise, take down that sign on the door and just stop taking them. It's utterly humiliating, and takes an incredibly long time.


A: First off, I am deeply sorry that you felt humiliated. Cashiers are trained to handle WIC as quickly and discreetly as possible, but it looks like there needs to be some re-training with the individuals involved with your transaction. WIC transactions can be overwhelming to a new cashier (the cashier was new, the Manager clearly needs to be re-trained), and we are working on making sure WIC is properly trained to avoid these interactions in the future.

I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience and frustration you have felt, and taking action within the department to help prevent these situations from happening in the future.

Andrew Cordova, Front End Manager

Q: The air conditioner at 537 G Street might have a part working loose? It's noisy.

A. N.

A: Thanks for making us aware of our noisy air conditioner. We will look into getting it fixed.

I’talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: Almost every evening when I come and shop, the bins of loose arugula and salad mix are empty. Often produce is on a break, and it's a lot of effort asking up front, waiting around and eventually having someone from Customer Service bring it out. Sometimes I just go to Nugget instead. Can you keep them full? Thank you!

N. N.

A: Thank you for your feedback. Recently two of our solid closers left the Co-op to fulfill opportunities within their field of study. We are currently working on hiring more hands to help so we don't experience more of these outs. With Arugula in particular the warmer weather causes it to flower in late spring / early summer. Because of this, we experience a gap in the growing period causing the quality of Arugula to become inconsistent. At times we have to make the decision to hold off on putting out the bulk Arugula until it looks better. We decide to hold out for quality rather than selling something that is not up to our standard. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Meghan Kelly, Acting Produce Manager

Q: As I was riding up to the store, I smiled at the big flowers on the co-op wall out front. I loved their bold, happy welcome & felt grateful for it for the thousandth time. Then, I saw that they were painting over them!! Oh no! I love the bright color you picked, but please say you are going to be painting more big flowers. Please?! We need their bold, happy welcome now more than ever. Thanks!


Q: Love the new outside paint colors!

B. B.

Q: I want the flowers back on the side of the building!

M. G.

Q: I can't believe you painted over the butterflies outside, especially with those dismal colors instead of the happy spring green. Stop painting the Co-op with my dividend. I guess you're going for the "soul-less corporate" look - I hear it's all the rage. I'm certainly enraged.


Q: All the visual and design details are fabulous. I especially love how the store inside and out showcases the Co-op print biz identity colors. So gorgeous & striking. Talented choice makers. Outside makes a strong impression.


A: Wow! Thank you for your deep love for the Co-op, and for sharing (even the tough) feedback. It was with a heavy heart that we painted over the flower wall. However, that wall had to be painted in order for us to properly care for the building. To be a successful cooperative business and in order to meet our Ends, we must carefully manage our assets. Good stewardship of our facilities keeps us from having to make costly and avoidable repairs at a later date. Yes, paint protects our building! A fresh coat was needed, as we hadn't so much as touched-up the paint since 2007. We did not use Patronage Refund money to pay for this refurbishment. Our Patronage Refund allocation comes from an entirely different place (annual profit) than our maintenance budget. Whether or not a dividend (Patronage Refund) is allocated is up to the Board of Directors, and depends on the amount of profit we made the prior fiscal year. As for the colors and visuals, thank you for your kind words! We’ve been craving our true colors on the outside of the building for such a long time. In 2009, we “rebranded”, and developed the beautiful logo and graphic elements that help us stand out in a market with so many grocery options. It took us eight long years to put those new colors on the exterior of our building, and gosh, are we stoked about it.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Why have you stopped carrying packages of cups for hot beverages? You used to carry Western Family Hot or Cold Beverage 9 oz cups (40 to a package). Now you only carry packages of plastic cups for cold beverages..

C. C.

A: Thank you for writing to us about the missing hot cups. Sorry for the late reply! We'll have compostable hot cups on the shelf very soon. They will be a 50 ct pack for $4.25. Thanks for your patience.

Julie Loke, Center Store Manager

Q: Please find a way to keep flies off the pastries! Maybe netting if you can't keep them out of the box?

J. R.

A: Flies have no business on our delicious pastries! We are so sorry you caught us on a fly-full day. We’ve been revamping our approach to fans in the front of the store, and that has occasionally allowed an errant fly to enter (and land) where none should, ever. Thanks for letting us know that you spotted something winged in the store! Again, so very sorry.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Flower essences need to be named on aisle signs so people can find them. Twice I've looked unsuccessfully for flower essences, including today. The clerk today didn't know if we carried them, but once between the times when I was looking for them, I had happened upon them by surprise, so thought we had them. Today's clerk said, "If we have them, they should be here." And there they were, in Bach's own display, which seems to hide them from me. I'll bet that sales are low, given the difficulty in finding them.

N. N.

A: Thank you for your feedback, and apologize for the confusion. The area that the Back Flower Essences are located in is labeled Sleep, Brain and Stress Supplements. We needed to move them there two years ago to make space for more homeopathy, and unfortunately the old location sign has not been updated. We are currently evaluating our signage, and will be updating it in the future. As for now, the Bach Flower Essences will stay in that location.

Karla Campos, Wellness Coordinator

Q: Please bring balsamic vinegar back to the salad bar. Just put it in a bottle or jar with a cap, if flies are a concern. Or premix olive oil and balsamic vinegar 50-50 in a dressing bottle, if you prefer. Couldn't be more simple! Currently the Coop offers no non-dairy gluten-free dressing. I believe the vinaigrette has soy/ whey in it. Following the current instructions posted at the salad bar, I waited for 15 minutes to have someone at the deli counter go and fetch me a tablespoon of balsamic. They were very busy and I gave up and left! I bug the deli folks almost every day, since I'm a big time salad bar customer and I don't use any of the adulterated dressings.

P. N.

A: Thank you for sharing your concerns. I apologies for the inconvenience you experienced at the Coop. We just place and order for a better dispenser for the balsamic. Thank you for bringing the wait time you experienced to my attention, as I am personally working with our staff on better customer interaction.

Bryan Hankins, Deli Manager and Head Chef

Q: Yay for Wild Planet Canned Chicken, best ever!

N. P.

A: Thanks for your nice note! We love the company Wild Planet and agree their chicken is the best! So handy to keep in the cupboard for a quick lunch or snack. They have the highest standards around for sustainability and quality. Thanks for shopping at the Co-op!

Julie Loke, Center Store Manager

Q: I was looking for ice cream, I said "great a new brand from Italy"...after reading the ingredients I said "NO thank you" !!!! If you buy food across the ocean please don't buy those with corn syrup, colors, stabilizer, artificial flavors and other non natural ingredients. That's not what we are looking for shopping at the Co-op!

B. C.

A: First, I would like to say thank you for shopping at the Co-op. We are a full line grocery store and we carry both conventional and organic/natural products. We do carry 15-20 other ice cream products that you may find appealing to your needs. Please feel free to ask one of our staff members for assistance when looking for these products. I do apologize for the inconvenience and I greatly appreciate your opinion.

Shavonya Moore, Chill Coordinator

Q: Would it be possible to carry sugar free bacon (US Wellness and Garrett Valley both have a sugar-free, dry rubbed bacon)? The Nugget recently started carrying it (which means I at least no longer have to go to Sac for bacon), but I would much rather prefer to do all of my shopping at the co-op.

K. B.

A: Hi! We've carried Garrett Valley's SF bacon in the past, but it stopped selling. I have had a few requests lately, including yours, and I'd be happy to give it another try. Keep an eye out in our aisle 8 bacon/sausage section, and you should see it soon. Hopefully we can generate more interest!

Jim Pavlichek, Meat Manager

A: [Follow-up to K. B.'s suggestion] Thank you so much for making this request! Jim brought in two delicious sugar-free options, and the Paleo Turkey Bacon one is rocking my world. Tastes like ham, looks like bacon—perfect for everything from Spaghetti Carbonara to breakfast, Eggs Benedict to BLTs!

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: We always seem to be out of ground white pepper and vanilla beans plus other items. Also, it doesn't seem that anyone employee(s) are assigned to the bulk section. Previously, I always recognize at least one or two employees who worked the bulk section. Since I see frequent signs "Out of Stock", I'm wondering if this is the failure to perform periodic inventory.

A: Thanks for your feedback. I want to reassure you that your observations are not indicative of a failure to inventory, and that we have restocked our white pepper. I spoke with our new Bulk Buyer, Mike Haggerty, and he explained that we used to get vanilla beans through Frontier (an awesome Co-op, but an independent vendor). They would take a while to get here. We just switched to UNFI (a major distributor), so now our vanilla beans will be easier to keep in stock.

I'm sorry that when you're shopping, you find yourself alone in the Bulk aisle! It's always ok to ask an employee working in a different part of the store to help you in Bulk. Our Chill Department includes bulk, frozen, dairy, and cheese, so those employees have large area to cover. You may not see faces you recognize in Bulk, as our employees tend to get promoted (yay!) and also move on from our store to pursue their dreams.


Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: I can't believe you painted over the butterflies outside, especially with those dismal colors instead of the happy spring green. Stop painting the Co-op with my dividend. I guess you're going for the "soul-less corporate" look - I hear it's all the rage. I'm certainly enraged.

A: I’m sorry to hear our color choice enraged you! Painting is routine maintenance for the exterior of any building. The bittersweet truth about mural work is that it degrades over time… and our Co-op enjoyed a re-brand since that art was painted on our patio. We chose two of our four “new” colors (the colors were updated in 2012!), DFC Teal and DFC Chocolate Brown, specifically because they let Mark Rivera’s beautiful sculpture shine.


Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: The new lids for bulk spring greens, arugula, etc, are very hard to open and close.


A: We agree that the lids are a bit stubborn, but so far that's our only qualm with the new bins so far. They should loosen up a bit over time and not be so hard to open and close.

If you cross paths with a particularly stubborn bin, please don't hesitate to ask anyone in Produce (or any employee nearby) and we would be happy to assist you.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for shopping at the Davis Food Co-op!

Brad Elliott, Produce Manager

Q: Thanks for providing fajita mix today in the Meat Department. We love it!


A: Welcome! Keep an eye out weekends as it will be a regular item then. Sometimes during the week too. Also, have you tried the Tequila Lime Marinated Carne Asada? People really dig that for their tacos!

Jim Pavlichek, Meat Manager

Q: Would like to see more meat dishes in the hot food area.

L. L.

Q: The new deli case layout is really offensive to me. I am sure your meats are high quality but they don't belong in front with the regular dishes. It's one thing to have meat mixed into a dish, but huge slices of flesh with bones and blood is very disturbing. Not only that, there is a high risk of cross-contamination passed over the vegan and vegetarian dishes. Please put the meat back on the other side where people can ignore it if it disturbs them.

A. M.

A: Thanks for your feedback regarding our Deli. We made a few organizational changes to our cold case, and have been increasing our protein options since the beginning of the year. Have you tried our shrimp, or our delicious baked crab cakes?

It’s worthwhile for us to try to balance the diverse needs of our community, be those vegan or carnivorous needs. Since we made the decision to showcase protein (which includes our in-house marinated tofu steaks) at the very front of the case, our weekly sales have increased in the Deli by an average of 20%. This may point to our community’s interest in animal protein; but it also works in favor of people who prefer plant-based alternatives. One of our goals is to nurture and support sustainable food systems, and we are better able to do that when we are a successful and profitable business.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Your patio lights come on at 6:20pm, even in May. It doesn't get dark until 8 or 9pm. It is really unpleasant to sit there between 6:20 and 9:20.

A. H.

A: Thank you so much for making us aware of this problem. I have adjusted our timer for the lights on the patio to go off between 8 and 8:30 pm.

I'talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: Are the Sixth Street curbs and tree islands not under the Co-op’s care? They are weedy and unkempt.

S. C.

A: Bruce our Maintenance Coordinator was out shortly due to a family emergency, but is back now, and will be working on the upkeep of the weeds.

I'talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: Reduce or eliminate white sugar, flour and rice products! We come in for health - many with special dietary needs that are vital for our emotional, spiritual and physical health. These products are unnecessary and unhealthy. Instead of Coke, have a staff member available to offer a healthy alternative like KeVita or Zevia. It's our responsibility to our People (and animals & plants, etc), not profit mission statement. Really, *@!# money.

L. W. C.

A: Hello fellow Co-op Owner! Thank you so much for taking the time to submit a suggestion. The Co-op showcases natural, organic and local foods, but strives to offer a full spectrum of groceries to serve our entire community. We try to accommodate all of our owners, those with dietary needs and those without.

We are currently not looking at getting rid of Conventional products such as the ones that you mentioned in your suggestion. Major decisions such as that usually need the approval of the Board of Directors and the ownership. Most of the decisions such as product selection are made based on our Ends.

Read our Ends here.

We heavily rely on education to inform our ownership about health, food systems, the environment and cooperatives, rather then limiting the selection of products in our store. This makes us more inclusive and able to capture a larger part of the community.

Once again thank you for your suggestion and if you have any further questions, please feel free to call or email me.


I’talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: I'm wondering if it could be possible to put the rotisserie chickens in something other than plastic? I'd like to buy one now and then but I don't want a chicken that's been sitting on a hot plate in a plastic bag. I've seen other stores carry Mary's chickens and keep them on a hot plate, but in boxes instead of plastic bags. (The Good Earth in Fairfax does this.) Please let me know if this is possible!

K. Y.

A: Thank you for your suggestion. As we speak, we are looking into a better packaging program for the entire deli.

Bryan Hankins, Deli Manager

Q: Tofu Cashew spread used to be offered bulk at the deli counter at $11.99 per pound. It is not prepackaged on the shelf next to the hummus, etc. There is no price on the shelf and the 4 oz. containers are $4.00 each ($16 per pound). But the price per pound is not noted on the label. These are deceptive marketing practices. Also, really an extraordinary price increase, i.e. rip-off. I would prefer a public reply in the newsletter.

J. E.

A: I think you misread the label. Those are 8 oz containers, not 4 oz. Our staff is pretty rigorous about making sure those servings average 0.5 lbs. If we were still charging $11.99/lb, those portions would amount to $5.99 per container. Which means our new price of $4 per container is 33% less than what you were used to, and just $8/lb! We’re pretty stoked to be able to offer this Co-op classic at an even lower price than people expect. Thanks for taking the time to write; we hope you’ll take advantage of this awesome deal sometime soon.


Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Can we have a compost collection bin out front? for food scraps, compostable utensils, etc.

R. B.

A: Yes, we can! Hopefully you’ll see a new bin for consumer compost out on our patio in the next few weeks.

I'talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: Request that we carry Yogi Green Tea Muscle Recovery.

M. L.

A: Thanks for the suggestion, Maria. We'll be reviewing the tea set very soon and will take your suggestion into consideration. If you're a Co-op owner, we'd be more than happy to special order a case for you today. That's 6 boxes of 16 bags and you'll receive 10% off. Feel free to write me or ask any of our staff if you'd like to go ahead with the special order. Thanks for shopping at the Co-op!

Julie Loke, Center Store Manager

Youre welcome!

You guys are a wonderful refuge!

B. F.

Excellent cashiers!

R. B.

I just saw Rubicel in training at the hot bar. I'm so excited to see him working at the Co-op! I hope he gets the opportunity to bake here. I used to go to his bakery regularly in west Davis because he made the BEST pastries in town! Yay for the Co-op and yay for me!


I'm a long-time member and shopper (15+ years), and I've never seen the produce dept. looking so well. On my last quick trip, I believe I saw ZERO conventional produce. Instead, I saw nothing but fresh ORGANIC fruits and veggies, and it seems like there were many more LOCAL items, too. In addition and in general, I've noticed fewer fluctuations in the produce pricing--and even some lower tags on pricier things I love to buy as often as possible (avocados, seasonal fruit, etc.). To top it all off, things are more organized and located in logical spots around the department. I have to admit that I'm no longer super sad when I miss the Farmers''ve got me covered! Thank you and please keep it up!

J. K.

Arial the barista is by far the most amazing, sweet, and awesome barista you have yet. She has great customer service skills and was very helpful and made a great drink! You guys better keep her around.

Grilled shitake mushrooms in the hot bar are very scrumptious. Never noticed this before. Love having mushrooms to pair with other dishes. And soooo good for us. I combined your grilled shrooms with the quinoa and tomato on a hot day. It made for a light and satisfying lunch.

A nice deli staff lady with short brown hair suggested I try one of your new sandwiches. I tried "The Sweet Spinach Sandwich" and it was delicious. Thanks for having new wonderful sandwiches and thanks to the staff lady who recommended it.

J. H.

Excellent checkers!

R. B.

In Brief:

Sorry, these items have been discontinued by their manufacturer:

  • CoolHaus strawberry/snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches
  • Rice Dream single serving ice cream bars (The Rice Dream Mint Pie Sandwiches just made a comeback, hopefully the others will soon resurface!)

Yes, we do carry:

  • Buckwheat Hot Cereal — it’s back after a brief manufacturer outage
  • Diestel regular oven roasted turkey breast slices

Thanks for your suggestion! We now carry:

  • Forager Yogurt (3 varieties)
  • Ecover Zero Laundry Ddetergent, unscented
  • Food-grade diatomaceous earth

Thanks for your feedback! We have increased our order of:

  • Organic Valley 2% Milk in the half gallon size
  • La Brea Whole Grain
  • Chobani 5.3 g Greek Yogurt (plain

Thanks for your feedback! We are working to bring in:

  • Kite Hill Unsweetened Yogurt
  • Two Tias Tortillas
  • Straus Family Milk in plastic gallon jugs
  • Genova frozen lasagna, both meat & veg (Have you tried Amy’s and Udi’s brand lasangas? We love those!)
  • Small size (smaller than pint) 3 Twins coffee ice cream (we do have six other flavors in this size)
  • Next Organics Drk Choco Quinoa