March/April 2018

Last updated 3/23/18


Request that we carry Amella's VEGAN Choc Caramels. You used to carry the vegan version of the above. All you carry is the dairy version.

A. M.

A: Hi, we'd love to carry the vegan Amella's but for some reason, our distributor no longer carries the vegan. Their website whoever does carry multiple types of vegan caramels.

Julie Loke, Grocery Manager

Q. Request we carry Hampton foods "Just Eggs". You carry the Just Mayo + Salad Dressings they have come out with an "egg" replacer.

L. B.

A: Thank you for your request that we carry Just Eggs. Unfortunately, our suppliers do not carry this item. We will keep an eye out for it.

Becky Santos, Center Store Supervisor

Q: Hi! You recently stopped carrying several "fake meat" products that we eat all the time. In particular, we miss the Sweet Earth seitan bacon and Tofurkey Sausages in Chicken and Apple and Kielbasa. Can you please bring back the bacon? None of the fake bacon products you carry come close.

A: Thank you for your request regarding the Seitan bacon and the Tufurky sausages. Unfortunately, our supplier is currently not carrying any of these products. We will continue to check their availability for a possibile return of these products.

Becky Santos, Center Store Supervisor

Q: Request we carry PrimaVera Salsa- from Sonoma

A: Thank you for your Primavera Salsa from Sonoma suggestion. I researched the product a bit and it sounds great. I've reached out to them via their Facebook page (looks like they don't have a website, just facebook). I'm not positive that they will be able to deliver to our area but I'll let you know what I find out! Thanks for shopping at the Co-op!

Julie Loke, Grocery Manager

Most email addresses can be found on our Management Team webpage at — simply scroll over someone’s photo to see their email address in your browser’s footer.

You’re welcome!

(A section devoted to some of the praise we receive through our Suggestion Box.)

Special thanks to Jim in the meat dept. who took time to help me find cocoa butter. Not even in his department! And it took some research to find it!


Thanks to Simon in the meat department who offered to cut the meat that I wasted that wasn't out. I am delighted to see this upswing in the meat dept.


Forrest on top of bringing more cashiers on quickly! Thank you!


Can't think of her name, but she was really so helpful. Worked at the market food counter. An interesting name like 'Honey' or something like that. Went overboard to see that I was a happy camper.


In Brief:

Yes, we do carry:

  • Seitan Traditional Strips