May/June 2018

Last updated 6/6/18

Q: Hello! I appreciate that you carry beer labled "non-alcoholic" (alcohol content of 0.5%). How can we consider adding "alcohol free" beers such as Erdinger or Bitburger "drive"? Let me know your thoughts.

C. J.

A: Thanks for inquiring about alcohol free beer. So, with some searching, I found that N/A and Alcohol Free beers are essentially the same thing. They both have regulations to contain no more than 0.5% alcohol. We currently sell the Erdinger N/A that you had mentioned. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Anthony Barron, Spirits Buyer

Q. Request we carry Dr. Flackers.

S. B.

A: Thanks for writing to us! There is a long term manufacture outage on Dr. in the Kitchen Flackers. We chose to replace them with new crackers but we'll keep an eye on availability and bring back the Savory, which was our best seller. Mary's Gone Crackers would be a close substitute and they're on sale until 5/1. Thanks for shopping at the Co-op!

Julie Loke, Grocery Manager

Q: Request that we carry Guittard butterscotch chips - you have the full line of chocolate chips. They have some great online recipes I've tried for the butterscotch chips.


A: I've looked into carrying the Guittard butterscotch chips but alas, our distributor hasn't picked up that flavor... yet. I've sent in a request to them and hopefully they'll be in soon and on our shelf before the baking holidays begin. Thanks for the request, butterscotch chips will round out the baking set nicely.

Julie Loke, Grocery Manager

Q: Request that we not change about (all the time). I experience dis orientation. Often I find the shelves re-arranged. (less like home!)

N. B.

A: I received your comment from the suggestion box and apologize for moving some products that you usually shop. Item movement in the store is something that we review often to see if the shelf space and area is correct for a particular item. If its determined that there is a better location for it is when we move it. We often have signs to direct people if something moves in the store, but our store staff can certainly help you find your product as well. Thank you for your continued patronage and see you at the Co-op.

Prasanna Regmi, General Manager

Q: Request that we carry Turkey Hot dogs, this item has disappeared from shelves in recent weeks/months, we were regular buyers.

A. P.

A: Thank you for taking the time to write in. We have, until very recently, been stocking Diestel Uncured Turkey Hot Dogs. They have been discontinued, unfortunately, due to very slow sales. I am currently searching for a poultry hot dog alternative, hopefully with better response. Please keep an eye out in the sausage/hot dog door on aisle 8. We should have something there soon. In the meantime, we can special order something for you in cased lots. If you'd like to go that route, feel free to email me, call the store, or speak with one of our Meat Dept. staff members.

Jim Pavlichek, Meat Manager


The coop had both Michaela's and Mi Abuelita tortillas for a long time, then we came in yesterday and there were neither of them. We had to settle for Mi Rancho tortillas from San Leandro. They do not taste good and they have many preservatives, dough conditioners, palm oil, artifical all, more than 30 ADDITIVES! This is one of many changes in the last at least 6 months. We used to feel like the COOP at least tried to source healthy products, but there is so much more candy, sodas, food with additives....and less important but also mind boggling the store is getting rearranged every few where is the butter, the tofu, the lettuce, this and that product we could run in and grab. It is a search each time. What is going on? Why these changes? Soon we won't be able to shop there anymore. We have been members for like 30 years...never had so much trouble finding the foods we want and need. What if the Co-op decreased the huge variety of wines and spirits. The Co-op's are more expensive than almost anywhere else in Davis. We also seem to always seem to be out of St. Benoit yogurt and now tortillas that are healthy...and the COOP never carries decent bagels.

K & D K.

A: I oversee the tortillas that we carry in the store. Unfortunately, Mi Abuelita and Michaela's have both gone out of business. It is out of the Co-op's control when these unpredictable decisions are made by the companies themselves. I have expanded the Mi Rancho Tortillas for the time being. If you have any suggestions for more healthier choices of tortillas I would love to look into them. The Saint Benoit Yogurt has manufacturing/production issues every now and then. Please feel free to reach out to me for anything other suggestions or concerns.

Shavonya Moore, Chill Manager

A: We have an amazing, local bagel maker that you have to try. Danielle Deluco started making her, from scratch, slow-fermented, non-gmo, fresh baked, bagels and bialys about one year ago and we were one of the first places in town to sell them! She delivers plain, poppy seed, everything, sesame and bialys every Friday. To keep them as fresh as possible, we only have them on the weekends. But they freeze beautifully for up to 30 days, so you can stock up. They remind me of the bagels and bialys from NYC street vendors (but these are better)- which makes sense since Danielle is originally from Queens.

We also just picked up Dave's Killer Bread Bagels- which I hear are good but I suspect are closer to the doughy, squishy bagels that pale in comparison to Deluco's. They are both located on Aisle 8, with the rest of the bread products.

We agree with you about having a lot of alcohol. That's why our alcohol selection has actually shrunk in the past two years by over half! It takes up the same shelf space but almost all wines have multiple facings, now. We've chosen to focus on boutique, local, organic and more obscure labels of liquor and wine to set us a part from local competition. We also carry well-known labels, with pricing being as competitive as we can. Seeing as how we are a small, independently run store- we just don't have the buying power of Nugget, Wal-mart, Costco, Trader Joe's, etc. So, we are very selective with the well-known labels. It seems like a lot of our liquor shoppers buy here either out of convenience/time saving and/or to support a small, community owned store (such as yourself- thank you!).

Any staff member would love to help you find products that have moved or disappeared from our shelves. We know it can be frustrating to have things change locations. One of the realities of retail is we must move product and continually make changes to the store in order to remain fresh and competitive. Thank you for understanding and thank you so much for letting us know about your frustrations- if we don't know, it's hard for us to help!

I'd love to hear more about the products you're missing! While we may not be able to carry everything, it helps us make decisions about what we carry when we hear from you. And hopefully, the Co-op can still be one of your grocery stops, if not the main one! Thanks so much for being long-time owners and shoppers.

Julie Loke, Grocery Manager

Q: Raisin Bread (not sunmaid, but locally baked) this item has disappeared from shelves in recent weeks/months, we were regular buyers.

M. & A. P.

A: Thanks for writing to us. Unfortunately, the beloved Raisin Bread from Pure Grain Bakery, is no longer being distributed. The only way to get a hold of their bread is to take a trip to Vacaville, where they have a cafe and bakery. Here's their website for you to research more.

We're still looking into carrying a similar product but the were unique and seemingly irreplaceable. Thanks for shopping at the Co-op! And if you know of another yummy raisin bread, please let us know.

Julie Loke, Grocery Manager

Q: Request that we carry lip balm/sunscreen for lips that only contains zinc or titanium diox. as the active ingredient.

A: Hello! We have just that! We have in our travel set, Badger Lip Balm SPF 15, and the active ingredient is Non-Nano, Uncoated Zinc Oxide 8%. Thanks for the request!

Karla Campos, Wellness Manager

Most email addresses can be found on our Management Team webpage at — simply scroll over someone’s photo to see their email address in your browser’s footer.

You’re welcome!

(A section devoted to some of the praise we receive through our Suggestion Box.)

I'd like to praise all the efforts under the new management to reorganize each department. The location of items is more logical so things are easier to find, and the displays are well-kept and functional and as a bonus, attractive. It's increasingly pleasing to shop at the Coop where I have been a devoted member since the very first storefront.

The grounds look terrific! Everything is adequately but wisely watered, the new plantings are stunning and teach us what works well and is drought-tolerant, and all the plantings make it a pleasure to shop at the Coop. I look forward to enjoying the garden every visit to see what is in bloom! The Coop is making a statement to the public that gardens, and the beauty they offer, matter.


Special thanks to Edward in bulk. Have never had an employee go out of his way to help as much as this guy does. Always courteous too.

A. H.

I love the Co-op. I'm from SF & am used to Rainbow Grocery but now live in the East Bay. I routinely come through enroute to Tahoe area so you are my go to store now on the way to & from. I only wish I found this sooner (and a lot more of us who go back & forth I'm sure would like to know about the Co-op, too)!!! I'm hoping to enjoy some of your cooking classes soon.

H. A.

Grant makes the best coffee/latte drinks ever!!! He takes such care in making them they come out perfect every time. Thank you!!!

R. C.

Thanks to Christina F. for being such a pleasant young woman at the check out counter. She greeted me warmly with eye contact and seemed happy to be at work. Makes such a difference to my shopping experience to interact with an upbeat employee who makes me feel welcome. I'm going to try to be better about leaving praise for pleasant employees who really enhance my co-op experience.

T. R.

Gabby gets me to try new cheeses! She has enriched my life :)

J. J.

Greatly appreciate the blonde female with a pony-tail being willing to wrap up 1 lb of stir-fry chicken for me to purchase even though a couple minutes after 8 (meat dept closing time) Saved my dinner! Thanks!!!

Life member

The checkers are all wonderful folks. I'm especially happy to praise the "head cashiers" who are truly competent and enthusiastic, although all the people up there do a nice job under sometimes stressful situations. I'm singularly going to give props to Derlina, who is really a special person. Figured it'd be good to let the Front End Supervisor know that.

C. V.

I have had excellent help/advice from staff in the cheese section & health care section. THANK YOU!

L. K.

In Brief:

Thanks for your feedback! We will try to bring in (or back):

  • Kashi 7 Whole Grain Nuggets Cereal
  • Coconut Cult Yogurt
  • Larabars Lemon or Lime
  • King Arthur All Purpose Flour
  • Organic Pastures skim non-pasteurized milk
  • Device Brewing Beers
  • Wild West ferments Moroccan beets, cultured veggies

So sorry! We were temporarily out of:

  • Davis Food Coop Organic Cranberry 500 mg tablets
  • Julie's Strawberry Pops

Thanks for your feedback! We have increased our order of:

  • Garden of Eatin' 16 oz blue tortilla chips

Thanks for your suggestion! We now carry:

  • Brianna's new Chipotle creamy salad dressing