Wine & Beer

You would be hard-pressed (ha!) to find a better selection of wine in Davis. The Co-op offers a wide variety of wines for every taste and budget—from every corner of the globe. Italy, Australia, El Dorado County California and...well, many wines in our store come from right here in Yolo County. Whether you’re serving filet mignon or a grilled cheese sandwich, the Co-op’s knowledgeable wine staff can help you find the perfect pairing. In fact, they would LOVE to help!


Our beer selection is the stuff of dreams. Richard gazes into the vastness of our energy-saving Beer Cooler! (Installed March 2014.)

Since the renovation, the Co-op’s beer selection has grown. And grown. And grown. By now we’re pretty confident in saying the Co-op offers the widest selection of imports and microbrews in town. Compare our prices and you’ll see that not only do we offer the best selection, we often offer the best deal in town. We sell kegs, too! Call for pricing, availability, and give us a bit of advance notice. We provide tap rental as well.

The most recent addition to the Wine and Beer department is our liquor set. We have a small but comprehensive selection with an emphasis on organic and small batch spirits and mixers.

Join us for a taste! The Co-op offers free wine and beer sampling periodically in the evenings throughout the week and afternoons on the weekend. You can find them listed on the events calendar. Also, keep and eye out for Tasting and Pairing Classes in the Teaching Kitchen.