Prasanna Regmi


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DFC General Manager since June 2016.

I live in Davis with my husband Sudeep and my 20 month old Shrehaan. Some of my close friends are in the Bay Area and my cousins are mostly on the East Coast. As far as immediate family, I have one sister who lives in Georgia and another sister who lives in Nepal with my mom.

Food preferences? When it comes to food I love trying new cuisines. This is one advantage I had growing up in the US. At home we ate Nepali food while outside we ate all varieties of food. Both my husband and I cook at home and we incorporate a lot of spices in our diet. Also at home we focus on organic or farm fresh foods, so that we can reap its flavor and benefits.

Food motto? Experiment and don't be afraid to try new food. You only live once.

Life motto? Without action you are not going anywhere. (Gandhi)

Fun fact about the Co-op? Almost 14% of residences in Davis are members of the Co-op.

Favorite quality in a coworker? Leader without a title.

Oddest job prior to working at the Co-op? One of the oddest jobs I had was delivering papers for USA today in Virginia. The papers had to be picked up by 3 am and the route started by 3:30. Needless to say I had tons of energy then to actually take on a job like that.