June is Pride Month!

Pride Month wouldn’t exist without queer and transgender people of color. More specifically, it wouldn’t exist without queer and trans people of color fighting back against police brutality. If this is news to you, read about the history of Pride and queer political activism in this blog we wrote last year. If you’re somewhat familiar with the history of Pride, you might know that the riots at the Stonewall Inn, which occurred from June 28th to July 3rd, 1969, are the impetus for the Pride events we know today. With these deep roots in political action, Pride has grown and spread all over the globe. Scroll through this blog to see Pride events happening in and around Davis! 

Shop queer-owned brands by looking for the shelf talker on our shelves. You can see all of our inclusive trade brands here.

It is imperitive the Co-op be a safe and inclusive space for shoppers, Owners and staff. You can read about our decision to include pronouns on nametags to that end here

Pride Month Happenings

The Co-op will be at Davis Pride on 6/4 from 10-2 in Central Park! Come say hi and get one of these *limited edition* pride stickers. Happy Pride Month!