As a community owned grocery store, we are constantly listening to the feedback of our customers. Here you will find our responses to questions and comments (exactly as they were worded to us) from the previous month in our Suggestion Box.







Suggestions from November 2022


Department Request/Comment Response from the Co-op
Center Store

We always seem to be out of: I usually shop in the evenings. Quite a few times you’ve been out of Silk Soymilk, seems
like it w/b good to order more. Also, yesterday, Nov. 23, I wanted to buy the Gardein frozen Turk’y for Thanksgiving. You were all out. You had LOTS of Tofurky products but I’ve never thot they were that tasty. My other vegan friends don’t care for the Tofurky either. Is a vegan person ordering these products? I’ve already talked to the deli department bout problems with some of their products.
Thank U

Emailed response: “Thanks for your Feedback. I will order up on the Silk Soymilk as much as possible, the past few months there have been periodic out of stocks from the manufacturer but it has seemed to improve recently.
In regards to the Gardein Turk’y. We place preorders for our frozen plant based thanksgiving alternatives months in advance. Some of these orders were not fulfilled by our distributor and one of those items was the Gardein Turk’y . We only received a small portion of our order, Tofurky did not have a shortage/manufacturer outage that’s why we had a lot of Tofurky. We attempted to order more Gardein Turk’y from multiple distributors and it was out of stock. The stock we had ran out on the 21st, I apologize there was none available when you came in.
Please feel free to reach out with any further questions.”

Center Store  

Request that we carry:

Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Tortillas

Response: The Co-op will be bringing these in
Center Store

 We always seem to be out of: Akmak Crackers

Response: We will order more to ensure that it is always in stock. A case is ordered every 4 days.