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Answers are provided by General Manager Prasanna Regmi and Marketing Manager Johanna Abasto.

What ?! As soon as I get comfortable with the "new" layout, you change it? Am chagrined.


I apologize. Our goal for this makeover and future makeovers will be to keep like things together in the store. Most of our owners continued to say how hard it was to shop in the store from the last makeover and this was a way for us to incorporate the feedback. Thank you or sharing your thoughts and our goal is not complicate but to simplify the shopping experience.

Thank you for the info. The reason I love the Co-op is that I feel so comfortable and relaxed when i shop there. I feel very at-home with the atmosphere you have provided. Of course, I will get used to the changes. I also like the way you left the floor.


Thank you so much for you love! I think you will really love the changes. You can see us at the booth when its set up so that we can walk you through the changes as well.

Thanks! This all sounds great. I hope you find a good reuse and recycling of all the waste instead of shipping it all off to the landfill. Part of “sustainability” includes leading the way in being responsible from product and materials and equipment across the entire lifecycle. Hope all goes well!!!

Thank you so much for your support. We are definitely keeping that in mind. We are trying to refurbish as much as we can so that we are not generating unnecessary waste. For example, we are reusing over 150 of our existing bulk bins and the coffee grinders. And instead of replacing a new refrigerated unit, we refurbished our produce cooler to add more life to it. We are also in the process of trying to recycle our old metro racks by reaching out to other co-ops that might need them.
We are definitely keeping sustainability in mind but please let us know if you come across any ideas that we can incorporate in this project.

Please put flour into flat bins w/scoop. Too hard to get correct amount from dispensers and flour sticks together in uprights bins. Please consider arranging bulk spices and teas in 1 long row, not by shelving unit.


We have moved the flours to flat bins with scoops and we are working on arranging our spices and teas better. We got this recommendation from other customers as well so our team is working on this.

What are you changing? When can we publicly respond? Will this cost employees their jobs/hours in any way? What benefits/downsides does this change have?


This is what we have been upgrading:

  • We have updated our produce displays to much more sustainable and customizable dry racks. This new look in our Produce Department will increase the capacity of our local & organic produce.
  • We have upgraded our wine shelving by the beer cooler.
  • We have upgraded our New Kids Corner. We also added new fresh furniture and some giant, fun fruits and veggies to decorate the walls.
  • Landscaping in the store and Teaching Kitchen is now complete. We partnered with Whole Systems to begin a multi-phase sustainability project that includes rain gardens fed by downspouts, channel drains, and curb cuts.
  • Bulk Foods and Coffee have moved to the center and front of the store (3 first rows). We got newer cases, updated fixtures, improved displays and new endcaps. Having Bulk in the front and center of the store is one of the main changes. We want to promote Bulk department which is the foundation of Co-ops and it supports low level of waste.

Some of our temporary changes (until construction ends- last week of October) are:

  • Wellness has moved to aisles 6 and 7. They will stay in this place until the end of October. After the construction, they will move by where old Bulk was.
  • We have recently moved the water jugs, bottled water and package coffee to the center of the store. Crackers, oils, salad dressings were moved to the center of the store by Cheese Department.
  • Water Bulk machine was moved by the Meat Department, it will stay in this temporary place until the end of October.
  • Kombucha has moved to the front of the store by registers 4 and 5.

Some of the coming changes:

The construction starts next week. There is a permanent wall covering the old stone wall. The construction company will start working on the wall demolition soon. This project will finish by the end of October, we will have a beautiful Wellness Kiosk and Customer Service desk in this area. We will share a 3D rendering soon so owners have an idea of how it will look.

This will not cost employees their jobs/hours in any way. Our Board of Directors approved the budget for this project which is $850.000, the Co-op has the resources to invest in this project without affecting employees jobs or hours.

The benefits of this projects are sustainability and enhance customer experience. Please check our dedicated web page for the Makeover 2018 here :

Thanks you for your questions and interest on this project.

The co-op keeps switching around the displays, I like it when everything stays in the same place.


We apologize for the inconvenience. We have been moving around some displays and shelves so we could clear the area by the stone wall. The wall demolition will start next week. This project will be completed by the end of October. Wellness department is moving to this area and we will also have a new customer service desk and wellness kiosk. Thank you for your patience while we work on this project.

Put in a new floor- too funky and moldy.


Initially, when we started this project we looked into improving our floor but we got a quote of $250.000 and at this time we can't afford it. It will potentially be considered in the future phases of the remodel.

Remodeling aisle numbers and leave a map at the entrance so customers don't spend hours trying to find things. Aisle # in general help.


Thank you so much for your feedback. We are working on getting new aisle signage.We will get new signage in the next 3-4 weeks. We also worked on a little handout with all temporary and permanent changes. They are all around the store.

Produce stacked in bins make it difficult to see the produce, had to remove much of the zucchini to get sizes I wanted, then put all back. Any way we can get other bins? Nugget has these as well and they are very problematic.

Bulk area was better tucked away. I'd like it to return to the old location. But if that's not possible, we at least need a way to write bulk #down. More counter space is required. Also, the bins don't work well. To get raisins, I had to reach in and pull raisins out. Scoops also block bin tops so difficult to open. Had to sit on the floor to get the lowest bins. I am very disappointed. The old worked well (was much better).


We have recently got these new bins but we will definitely send this suggestion to our Produce Team. The new bulk area will not return to its old location. We are working on a counter space and fixing some technical problems we have with the new bins. Hopefully, the team will be able to address these issues soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

One of the reasons for the Makeover 2018 is sustainability. We want to promote and highlight Bulk by moving it to the front and center of the store.

Please cut the aisles, they are too long. It will also increase sales.


We are planning to have some aisles shorter than the ones we have right now. After the construction is over and Wellness moves to its new home, we will work on this. Thanks for your patience.

New Bulk area needs counter space for closing bags and writing bin #'s. Original Bulk area had two plus the counter for the spices. Thanks.


Thanks so much for your suggestion. We got this feedback from many customers and our team is looking into different options so we can have a counter space. Thanks for your patience.

Is there a re-use/disposal plan for fixtures not used after the remodeling? That was a selling point for the last remodel.(it was required by Board Policy).


Thanks so much for your suggestion. We have donated some bulk bins to SCHA and some other fixtures will be sold to other Co-ops like Briar Patch.

The bottom of the new bulk containers is a bit too low. I had to get down on one knee to fill my bag-needs to be higher- kneeling on concrete is not fun! Thanks.


We are so sorry about that. Our team is aware of this because it was a recurring complaint from other customers. Our Bulk team is working on it and looking into a solution. In the meanwhile please ask our staff for help, they will be more than happy to help you.

It looks awesome!


Thank you so much. We are glad you are enjoying the recent changes in the store.

I like having this form available. I like the health and beauty aids moved. I recommend a directory of where everything is after the re-set.


Thanks so much for your feedback. We have a Makeover Board in the hallway and you can also see all the recent changes in our website. We have also worked on little handout for customers around the store. We will definitely work on a directory of where everything is after the Makeover.

Did you mail us a survey about the store changes? If so, we members would have appreciated involvement- I never heard anything.


Thanks for your comment. I am sorry you have not heard about this in advance. We did send an email blast telling customers about the changes coming in the store. Here you have a link to the email blast. We also have a dedicated page on our website for the Makeover 2018. In the store, we have a Makeover Board in the hallway and customer handouts with all the recent changes. We have started this communication in June, with our e-newsletters. If you are not subscribed, you can do it here. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to know about this project and I will be more than happy to help you.