We commit in our operations as a co-op

to being sustainable so that our

current and future members, as well

as our community as a whole, can

benefit from an improved and

more sustainable food system.

Sustainability in the Co-op

Sustainability is at the core of our identity as a co-op. We strive to make the right decisions for our environment as a business, and we try to help our shoppers make environmentally-conscious choices as well.

Healthful and Sustainable products

We aim to stock our shelves with products that are good for our shoppers and our earth.

Green TEam

The Green Team is a collection of Co-op staff who are passionate about environmental sustainability and work to make changes in the store!

More information on our internal projects coming soon!

Building a better community

We support our local food system by sourcing from nearby producers whenever possible. In order to strengthen our community we partner with local businesses and nonprofits to provide aid to worthy causes.


Earth Day

Earth Day at the Co-op is a time for celebration! Keep an Eye on our Social Media during April to see what fun things we have planned. 


Fair Trade

Your Co-op is proud to carry many fair trade products, from bananas to jewelry!


Plastic Free July

Join this international effort to minimize plastic use in July! Pledge on their website and learn more below.


Palm Done Right

Each year, September is dedicated to Palm Done Right. In 2020, we got 1st place in their retailer competition, with a video produced in-house!

Some of our favorites!

Organic Produce

What makes a product Organic and why we focus on these products

Store Produce Correctly to Minimize Waste

All produce in unique. Read our Produce Storage Guide to ensure your veggies live the longest life in your fridge!

DIY Home Composting

Turn your veggie scraps into food for your garden. Read our blog and watch our video to learn how!

Sustainability Blog Posts

New & Notable in Produce

New & Notable in Produce

Tangelos from Loomis We have two new tangelo varieties in from Pine Hill Orchard in Loomis, CA. Lavender Gem Tangelos These two-toned pink and orange fleshed tangelos have a very sweet and floral flavor. Pearl Tangelos Pearl tangelos are reliably sweet, with a tangy,...

How To: Fabric Gift Wrapping

How To: Fabric Gift Wrapping

We were inspired by the Japanese practice of furoshiki to share how you can wrap gifts in pieces of fabric instead of traditional wrapping paper! While you can use any square cloth to tie furoshiki, Karla (your Co-op’s wellness manager) suggests trying it with...

DIY Body Scrub with Essential Oils

DIY Body Scrub with Essential Oils

Our friends and fellow co-op-ers at Aura Cacia have shared this recipe for homemade Peppermint Sweet Orange Sugar and Coffee Body Scrub. It’s perfect if you’re feeling crafty, in need of some pampering, or looking for an easy DIY gift idea. All it takes are a few...

Zero Waste Gift Guide

Zero Waste Gift Guide

This is the ultimate guide to finding low – no waste gifts at your Davis Food Co-op! The goal of zero waste living is to direct as much waste away from landfills as possible while choosing to purchase responsibly produced products from companies who actually...

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Have a lot of leftovers this year? No worries! Check out our favorite ways to repurpose your Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey Banh Mi with Quick Pickled Cranberries This Vietnamese sandwich is filled with fresh, herbal, and tangy flavors! Mashed Potato and Bacon Pizza...

Turkey Bone Broth from your Turkey Day Bird

Turkey Bone Broth from your Turkey Day Bird

Making bone broth from your bird is an excellent way to use all parts of your Thanksgiving turkey! Bone broth is one of the most nutritious (and affordable) foods you can make at home. Simmering bones and connective tissue along with herbs, vegetables, and apple cider...