Round Up at the Registers

Loose change really adds up! Round Up At The Registers is another way we are supporting our local community. Next time you check out, say "I'd like to Round Up," and we'll turn that change into a sturdy check for the non profit of the month. You can donate more if you like, just tell the cashier to round up to your preferred amount.

This is part of our Sponsorship and Donations program. To have your organization added to the list of possible participants, please fill out our form, selecting Round Up Participant as the type of support requested.

Current Recipient: CAFF/Farmers Guild

December 2018 North Valley Community Foundation Camp Fire Relief Fund


November 2018: Yolo County Food Bank


October 2018: Pinktober for Thriving Pink


Coming Up!

January 2019: CAFF and the Farmers Guild

February 2019: Farmer Veteran Coalition

March 2019:

April 2019: The Phoenix Coalition

May 2019:

2017-18 Schedule

September 2017: Patwin Elementary

October 2017: Go Pink, Give Local at the Co-op in celebration of "Pinktober" ($577.76 raised!)

November 2017: Pioneer Elementary

December 2017: Fairfield Elementary
January 2018: Cesar Chavez Elementary
February 2018: North Davis Elementary
March 2018: Korematsu Elementary
April 2018: Willett Elementary
May 2018: Harper Junior High
June 2018: Holmes Junior High
July 2018: Emerson Junior High
August 2018: Da Vinci Charter Academy
September 2018: Montgomery Elementary