There are many legitimate and completely understandable reasons why folks choose not to celebrate Thanksgiving. And regardless of whether or not you celebrate, there are a lot of logistical challenges to cross-state or cross country travel that it just may be way easier to stay in Davis over the short break. 

Not Celebrating Thanksgiving? Check. 

Staying in Davis? Check. 

Here are some ways to spend your week/day instead!

Book a Staycation

You definitely need to have the financial resources to do this, but if you can, book a night or weekend locally! For women and People of Color, a trip specifically for relaxing is a very powerful counter to a holiday that asks these groups to spend more money, prepare more food, and be more stressed. 

Go on a Hike 

When I was a freshman at UC Davis, I couldn’t travel to see my family in Southern California for Thanksgiving so I walked the whole Arboretum and really enjoyed myself. This morphed into a tradition I continue with my partner. Lake Berryessa and Rockville Hills Regional Park are our favorite spots to spend the 4th Thursday of November. Rockville Hills Regional Park is pictured left/above (psst, the park has GREAT mountain biking). 

Ask to Work, Make $$$

Okay, hear me out. If you really want nothing to do with this day, ask your employer if you can still work. Many workplaces, including the Co-op, pay staff time and a half on holidays like Thanksgiving.

Tackle a Project You’ve Been Circling 

With the extra time you can make progress on any projects you’ve been wanting to work on. Painting the coffee table, weeding the backyard, and making a will are just a few examples of projects on my To Do List that may get tackled this week.

You Can Still Go Out to Dinner

You’re going to want to eat at some point and many of Davis’ restaurants remain open over the holiday. Bonuses: they won’t be as crowded as usual and this means you don’t have to cook. You are definitely allowed to go out by yourself too. Bring a book or journal if you’re feeling a little nervous about it.

Offer to House- or Pet-sit for a Friend Going Out of Town 

You probably know someone who is leaving town for the afternoon or the whole week. Lend them a hand and make your week exciting by changing up your routine and setting. You can help take care of their pets, water their houseplants, and bring in the mail.