With warm, but not stifling, weather and a break from the wind on its way, this weekend is a great time to fire up the grill. It’s also Mother’s Day weekend, so you may already be planning an outdoor celebration! If Mother’s Day isn’t your thing, check out this blog we wrote about alternative ways you can spend the day (you can still grill, of course). 

We received our first local peaches of the season this week! Try them in this grilled stone fruit and prosciutto salad recipe that comes together in just 30 miuntes. You can easily make this vegetarian or vegan by swapping cubed fontina or smashed green olives for the prosciutto.

Speaking of grillable fruit, spicy pineapple chicken kebabs served with a chilled Sauv Blanc are a crowd-pleasing appetizer or main. I’ve also been dying to try this grilled pork tenderloin recipe with homemade rhubarb bbq sauce since I came across it a few weeks ago on National Co-op Grocers’ website.

If you’re the type to endlessly nibble at family gatherings, which I am, try putting out this grilled vegetable antipasto with asparagus to satisfy the grazers. Psst, local asparagus is on sale for $3.99/pound through 5/11! Grilled artichokes with parmesan aioli and grilled scallions with romesco sauce fulfill this brief as well.

No meat? No problem! You can make grilled eggplant napoleons with halloumi, a salty, grillable cheese that announces the start of summer. Make smoky grilled tofu and broccoli over chilled rice vermicelli noodles for a hearty main course.

As for dessert, try something simple. This recipe for grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream topped with granola really celebrates the peaches we have so dearly missed. Or you could serve an 18-layer naturally dyed rainbow crepe cake if simple isn’t your style.

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